Monday, January 18, 2010

Lots of Pictures

I have been waiting for permission from several customers to post pictures of their quilts. Today they both said okay, so I have lots of pictures. The first is another quilt from Ann, this time a huge pieced one, I think it is a Thimbleberries design. I used a Hobbs wool batt and it really makes the quilting show - I LOVE that wool batting.

The next quilt I did for Charlotte of my LQS, Charlotte's Sew Natural in Newton, KS. The pattern is by Lori Smith and it's being done in three versions for their Second Saturday program. If you want to see the other two versions you can look here: Charlotte requested a traditional look, with white thread. She also supplied a cotton batt; I know she likes to not prewash her fabric and then wash her quilt after it is quilted and bound for that nice pruney old-fashioned look.

It was exciting to find this book in my mailbox recently.

On page 391 is a picture of my quilt It's Turtles All the Way Down, how cool is that? I sent the picture to the publisher so long ago, but I guess things move slowly in the publishing world. It's a beautiful book and I am honored to have my quilt appear in it.


  1. The quilts are beautiful and so is your quilting. I love the feathers. Congratulations on having a quilt in an art book.

  2. Beautiful quilting! Congrats on being a published artist!